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4 Bedroom 3 Bath getaway built in 1982 of sturdy construction against a backdrop unlike anything you will ever see. 


Set in both rural high desert Oregon and destination location Lake Billy Chinook, know that you and your family will always have an amazing place to stay during the holidays!


2428 sqft of breathing space on 5.3 acres of land to stretch out on! At a price per sqft you wont see anywhere else. 


Off the Grid! Enjoy living an independent lifestyle while having the luxuries of electricity provided by solar electricity, batteries and generators. 


Lendable property through VA loan products or Conventional loan products! Get a loan on a ready to live in home bordering BLM Land! There is nothing like this out there


Gated community that is private! 


Feel like you know your neighbors in an intimate community away from it all! 

Single Family Home for Sale in Central Oregon Vacation Area 

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